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7 Ways to get Coaching Clients – at any Stage of Business!

If you want to start an online business, you’re going to have to learn the tech, the systems and the strategy. It’s non-negotiable. In this 360 Health Biz Podcast episode, Christine & I breakdown of what you need to know to get clients and grow your business without DIY-ing it.

Create forever content

Consistent social media

Get on podcasts

Help out in Facebook groups

Be a guest on blog posts

Send a Newsletter

Host an online workshop

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Is it possible to build a successful business in 90 days? No. No matter how many courses you see saying you can – you can’t. What can you do in 90 days? You can learn how to build a business and then implement it into your business. That’s what we will be doing in our 2021. If you want to get your health business off the ground without diy-ing it for the next few years, we will help you with our 90-day bootcamp that will take you from a nobody health coach to sought-after expert. Get on the waitlist here

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- Kendra
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