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Plan Your Perfect 2022!

TWCK 99 | Perfect 2022

Time is passing by and the new year is creeping up upon us. It’s time to start planning the perfect 2022! In this episode, we get a look at some planning and time management strategies from Kendra Perry. Kendra gives a few simple tricks you can use to start planning and what to look out for when planning your next year’s activities. Tune in and learn more great tips from Kendra.

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Plan Your Perfect 2022!

I am so excited to be with you here. Can you believe that it is the end of 2021? I am scared for 2022. I feel like the past few years have thrown us a lot. If we thought 2020 was weird, 2021 was weirder. I feel like I’m still processing 2020 and we’re already going into 2022. I hope that the world calms down and gets more grounded. I hope that we can take a breath and start to see some good things happening in our world, for our collective and people. I believe that if we all see a better future for our collective and visualize it, we can shift it. Quantum physics, the void, all that Joe Dispenza stuff.

Anyways, I hope you had a great Christmas if you’re one of those Christmas celebrating people. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope that you had a lovely holiday season, and if it wasn’t a holiday, I hope you’ve had a good week. I do celebrate Christmas and I did have a nice time with both our families. I’m always grateful to spend time with family. I can’t say I love Christmas. I’m a little bit more of a Scrooge. I do love the food, the meals, and the family time, but I find there’s a bit of energy around Christmas that feels stressful or intense.

I don’t love all the consumerism, the waste, the stress, and knowing that some people struggle around Christmas and feel lonely around Christmas time. I have to say that I am always grateful when the holiday season is over and when we’re in January and doing normal stuff. I know that there’s nothing that I have to celebrate or drive and visit family for a long time and I can just do it when I want to do it.

This episode is about planning. You may never have planned before. I am someone who has been a terrible planner. I learned my lesson at the beginning of 2020, where I overscheduled myself. I put way too many things on the books and it was incredibly overwhelming. At the time, I was still recovering a bit from my issue with fatigue. I learned at the beginning of the year that I need to think ahead and plan. The only thing that saved me from not losing my mind was the COVID debacle. That prevented me from running a live retreat that I was supposed to run down outside Denver, Colorado.

As disappointing as that was at the time, I was also partly grateful because I was so stressed out and overscheduled that I was like, “I need the break.” Little did I know that that was the beginning of a whole new type of stress. That’s when I learned that planning is really important. You may have never planned before and the purpose of this episode is to give you a simple planning strategy so that you can plan out 2022 for success. I believe the entrepreneurs that see success and plan, but I want to say that you don’t need to stick to your plan.

If we all see and visualize a better future for our collective, we can shift it.

We want to plan, but we want to do so within a flexible framework and be open to things shifting because the truth is, we can never control what’s going to happen in the world, as we all have learned. A lot of my plans for 2020 got canceled, as I’m sure yours did as well, so we do need a flexible framework. We do need the ability to go with the flow and allow things to change, but if we can get this tentative plan for our 2022, it really does prevent us from overscheduling ourselves and ending up in that space where we’re like, “Crap, I’ve taken on way too much.”

I’ve created a very simple planning workbook to go along with this episode. If you want to get access to that, you can go to If you’re on your app, you can swipe up and you should get the link there or you can go to We’re on episode 99, believe it or not. I can’t believe I’ve almost done 100 episodes. That will go along with this episode, so you can go download that if you want.

Essentially, I’m going to take you through a very simple and non-overwhelming planning structure or strategy. The first is to sit down with that workbook or simply grab a journal. I want you to do a total brain dump of everything that went well and everything that didn’t. Write it all down. This might take you 10 or 20 minutes. I always like to start with the things that went well, so start with the positive. Maybe you felt like your program was on point, your freebie was downloaded a lot, you did a really good job of building your email list, you got lots of replies from your email nurture sequence or you loved working with certain one-on-one clients. Whatever it is, write it all down.

The next thing is what didn’t. Maybe you noticed that you did not uphold your boundaries very well, didn’t do a good job setting boundaries, or had a bad experience with an employee or a contractor. Maybe you had a launch that didn’t go the way you wanted it to, you worked too much and overscheduled yourself, you procrastinated a lot or you had some hiccups with a one-on-one client again. Whatever it is, write it all down. That’s going to take you maybe twenty minutes. Give yourself as much time as you need. If you are doing this now, you can stop reading and do all that, and then you can come back to me.

The next thing we want to do is write down what will be your primary offerings in 2022. Maybe you’re just going to be offering one-on-one coaching, and that’s cool. If that’s all you’re going to do, write it down. Are you going to do any live launches for maybe your group program or your online course? Are you going to be offering any live workshops? Are you going to be doing any summits?

Maybe you’re going to be a guest expert on someone else’s summit. You may not know that yet, but if you do, write it down because it does require promotion when you are a guest on someone else’s summit. We don’t want a promotion to overlap. You don’t want to be promoting a summit at the same time that you are promoting and launching an online course or group program.

TWCK 99 | Perfect 2022
Perfect 2022: You want to reassess what’s coming up and make sure that everything is aligned with what’s going on.


Stop reading if you’re doing this now and you can write that all down. Once you’re done with that and you come back to me, go back to what didn’t work. I want you for each point of what didn’t work, brainstorm why you think these things didn’t work and maybe what you can do to improve them or prevent them from happening again. Maybe you were like, “I broke some of my boundaries.” A great thing to write down as well is, “I’m going to be serious about these boundaries this year and I’m going to uphold them and I’m going to make sure that I set these boundaries clearly out in advance, so everyone knows what the boundary is.”

Maybe if it was procrastination, you’re going to be like, “I need to take more consistent action. I need to find a way to hold myself accountable.” Spend a bit of time brainstorming on those points and try to come up with possible solutions for how you can improve that. Once you’ve done that, pause the episode, and come back to me. You’re going to get out a calendar.

It can be a paper calendar if you like that. Some people like paper calendars. I do everything in Google Calendar because I will lose that paper calendar over and over again. I will forget to write on it, so I like to use Google Calendar. The great thing about Google Calendar is you can color code everything, and I love color-coding.

What I want you to do is look out over the next year as much as possible, and you might not know and that’s okay, but you want to start by putting in all your personal stuff. Maybe you’re taking a trip sometime in 2022. Put that in your calendar. Maybe you have to take your son to soccer practice every Thursday. Put that in your calendar. Maybe you’re going to do a workshop somewhere, a retreat or a road trip. Whatever it is, put it in your calendar. Anything that you know will help you because if you’re going to be on a road trip, you want to make sure you don’t plan to launch during that time.

The next thing is launching. If you’re someone who does live launches and you have a group program or a course, I want you to put those down. I want you to plan those out, and even if you don’t know exactly when you want those to be, remember, this is a flexible framework. You can always move those. That is why I love Google Calendar because I can simply move things.

Let’s say you have a group program and you’re like, “I want to launch this group program three times in 2022.” Figure out when those launch dates are going to be and maybe you’re saying, “I’m going to have a five-day open cart and I’m going to do that in March. I’m going to do one in July and I’m going to do one in November.” Whatever it is, put it in there and know that this isn’t set in stone. You can always change that.

The other thing you want to do is put down any professional development. As a health coach, it’s necessary to update your expertise to take courses. It’s typically required for certification. Maybe you have specific dates where you know you’re going to be doing maybe a live course or some professional development.

We want to plan, but we want to do so within a flexible framework and be open to things shifting because the truth is we can never control what’s going to happen in the world.

If you don’t, try to come up with maybe 1 day a month or 1 day every 2 months and put aside a few hours where you are going to be like, “I’m going to sit down at this time and I’m going to do professional development.” Maybe that’s going to be a weekly thing, a bi-weekly thing or a monthly thing. It’s up to you, but make sure it’s in your calendar because that is something that you know you’re going to have to do.

The next thing I want you to do is to put in a reassess time slot. For an hour, every quarter, you’re going to reassess and figure out, “Does this make sense?” For example, every quarter, maybe in April, that’s going to be your next quarter because three months is a quarter. That’s January, February, and March, so sometime in March, you’re going to sit down and you’re going to look at your next quarter, which is April, May, and June.

You’re going to make sure like, “Do these dates make sense? Do I need to move, add or delete anything?” You want to reassess what’s coming up and make sure that everything is aligned with what’s going on. Now, plan out your vacations. I think we all need vacations regardless. Even if it’s just a half-day off that you’re going to watch Netflix, maybe and get a massage, put it into your calendar.

I think for every quarter, plan for a little reset, whether that’s a full week, a couple of days, a weekend, or a half-day. Whatever it is, I think it’s important that we put aside time for ourselves. Any events, if there’s anything you’re doing or any person you are meeting up with that will affect your ability to work and see clients, make sure you put that in there, and then, of course, any courses or workshops that you might be taking. Start with personal and then determine, “Does this stuff interfere with my launch times?” Maybe you are running a live workshop, launching a group program, course or something new, make sure that that time makes sense.

Maybe you put it in and you’re like, “I’m going to launch my group program the first week of April,” but then you realize that, “That’s the same time as when I’m doing this course or that’s when my kid has a soccer camp and I’m going to have to be driving back and forth a bunch.” That’s probably not the best time to launch. We want to make sure this is aligned so we don’t put ourselves into a sticky situation.

TWCK 99 | Perfect 2022
Perfect 2022: It’s really, really important that we put aside time for ourselves.


You’re going to spend a bunch of time doing that, again, with a regular paper calendar if that’s what you like. If you don’t have one, you can go buy one or you can simply use Google Calendar, which is my preference because there are color codes for everything. I have different colors depending on the event. The next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to write down your primary or non-negotiable values that are going to help guide your decisions in 2022.

For example, one of my top values is health, so that guides a lot of my business decisions. I try not to overschedule myself. I try not to take on too much and not put too much on my plate because health is very important. Freedom is another one of my top values. It’s important that I make sure that I have lots of free time to do what I want. Write down your non-negotiable values.

You can simply google a list of values to find hundreds of them to choose from. Maybe that’s family, exercise or nature. Whatever it is, make sure that those are down. I would probably write those on a Post-it and stick them somewhere in your office. Anytime you’re faced with an opportunity or decision, make sure that it aligns with those core values.

Anytime you’re faced with an opportunity or a decision, make sure that it aligns with your core values.

A summary of how to do these steps to planning out your successful 2022 is to do your brain dump. Write down everything that went well this year and everything that didn’t go well. Write down everything like program, product or whatever that you are going to offer in 2022. Maybe you want to be a guest on summits and you’re like, “I want to try to be a guest on three summits.” It’s something along those lines. You’re going to do that, and then you’re going to go back and you’re going to look at all that didn’t go well and try to figure out possible solutions, how to improve those situations or eliminate them altogether.

You’re going to get out your calendar, add in your launch periods, your personal events, vacations, professional development days, a day, an hour or every quarter to reassess the plan. Once you’ve done that, you are planned and set up for success in 2022. Remember, it is flexible. It is fluid, moving, living, breathing, and you can always go back in and change it, and make adjustments as they come up. This is the first step to not becoming an overscheduled, overworked mess in 2022, as I did in early 2020.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you want to help support me in a very simple way, you can leave a five-star review for the show. If you want to support me in a very simple way, you can leave a five-star review. You can do that on iTunes or in your app if you are on iPhone and in the iTunes desktop app if you are using an Android phone.

I would greatly appreciate that. It helps them get in front of more health coaches. It is the best and most amazing way that you can support me. You can also take a screenshot of this episode on your smartphone, share it with your Instagram stories, and tag me @KendraPerryInc. Write down your biggest take home and then I can reach out to you in DMs. When I get that little ping or that little notification, I can thank you personally and meet you in Instagram DMs.

I will see you for episode 100. I’m so excited. We’re going to be doing an audience Q&A for the 100th episode. I want to answer your questions. If you want to submit a question, you can email and drop your question or you can send me a DM on Instagram @KendraPerryInc. I will see you next time. It’s the same time and same place in 2022, where I help you become wealthy AF.

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