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You Need to Know This About Niching!

You Need to Know This About Niching!

Many coaches resist niching their business. But niching essentially sets the foundation for your business. It will determine all your decisions down the line. So it has to be right. And when I say right, I mean that it attracts the right people into your world.

If you are feeling like you are pigeonholing yourself, or you’re constraining yourself with what you get to talk to with your audience. Well, the reason you are feeling this way is because you’re misunderstanding what a niche actually is and what it is for.

And I’m here to help you understand your niche better so your audience will too.

In this episode:

  • the big niching epiphany that will set you free from feeling constraint
  • what niching is and what niching is not
  • a clear way to better think about your niche
  • how niching builds trust for your audience
  • how niching aligns with your coaching methods (hint, it doesn’t)

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When it comes to your niche statement, it has to be clear. If it’s clear, your audience will instantly know what you do and if you can help them. If it’s not clear, then they’re just going to not make the decision you want them to make, and they’re just going to leave. Because if people see any confusion, it doesn’t build trust. 

Does niching relate to how you can coach people? No! It has absolutely nothing to do with how you coach people or what you talk about with your audience. This is where pI see coaches get really tripped up. When it comes to niching, what we’re trying to do is create that instant attraction point with a person to show you that you can help them. But we have to walk in their shoes in order to understand what to say in our niche statement. They have a symptom, something that is bothering them to the point where they are actively looking for a solution. So you can’t talk to them like they know what you do because they don’t. 

You and the person of whom you’re trying to attract are living in two separate paradigms. The person who you’re trying to attract is living in the allopathic, conventional medical paradigm. You are living in this holistic alternative health paradigm. They are different. 

The point of the niche statement is to attract them to you, nothing else. People don’t often care how you get them there from sick to healthy. They just want to know that you can get them there. So the niche statement needs to be really strong and it needs to tell them that you can help them solve their problem. 

The niche statement is not the place to talk about your method. Your method, your education – that all belongs in your content. The niche statement is simply an attraction marketing thing. And all you want to do is tell them that you can give them what they want. Once they’re in their world, that’s when you show them how you get them to the solution. And then they can decide whether they want to go that route or not. 

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- Kendra
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