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Stop Creating Your Program & Selling it After!

Stop Creating Your Program

We typically see a sequence to launching a new group coaching program as: Create > Market > Launch. But this sequence of getting your group coaching program out to the world is seriously flawed. If you follow these steps your program has an INCREDIBLY high likelihood of failure.

In this episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I’m discussing:

  • The problem with online courses that FEW experts talk about
  • Why most online courses fail to get participants results
  • The secret sauce for a successful online course
  • The series of steps you can take to set yourself up for future online course success
  • How I can hold your hand through this entire process to have a wildly successful online course.

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The typical thing people do when they launch something new is the create it start to finish without testing anything. They write the content, they record videos, they create the resources, they upload the content into a membership area, and then they start marketing and launching it. But this is incredibly problematic. 

When you do this, you’re launching without information, you are launching into the unknowing internet space. And you don’t actually know that people are going to buy it. 

What you’re lacking is the pre-validation. 

It’s really important to get market validation for what you are selling before you put it out there. And if we can think of it this way, if I was selling a physical product, I wouldn’t just make it like, make the whole thing, order thousands of pieces of it from the warehouse, and then try to sell it. That would be risky because I would be spending a lot of money upfront to make this thing in thousands of copies. And then if it didn’t sell, I would be screwed.

Without the pre-validation, or market validation, you’re limiting time creating your program that may not even sell.

So rather than create, launch, market, why not look at launch, create and then market!

This is what’s known as “pre-selling” and it is the only sane way to launch a program or a course. Pre-selling helps you quickly learn that juicy market validation. If it’s not there, then you haven’t put in all the work sweat and tears. But if it IS there, then get that thing out there for the world to buy!

I understand this whole concept of pre-selling and of selling before you’ve created. It’s intimidating and scary. That’s why I’ve created the Profitable Group System. This is my application-only coaching program that will teach you this pre-sell method. You will learn how to outline, launch, market and re-launch your own program. Get all the details and on the waitlist here.

- Kendra
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