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How to Pitch Your Programs

No one wants to feel like they are being CORNERED into making a purchase that they don’t really want to make. And you don’t want to feel like you are doing the pushing or the manipulating either.

Sales have a BAD name and it’s no wonder you worry about coming off as salesy, slimy or pushy. What if you could pitch your programs while feeling 100% aligned, authentic and genuine?

Today, I’m discussing:

  • How to sell authentically
  • How to be excited about selling
  • Where to put your focus to avoid feeling salesy
  • The simple reframe that will shift you view of sales
  • How to sell MORE programs in your business!

I’m going to go into five different things that you need to consider when you were trying to pitch your programs.

Believe in what you’re offering

You’re never going to sell anything if you think it’s just okay or you’re not sure about it. If you aren’t confident about your programs, your potential clients won’t be either. People will sense that energy from you when you show up online and talk about your program. So it’s really important to fully believe in what you’re offering.

How do you gain this confidence? You beta test your programs! This is when you get someone to go through your program from start to finish. Maybe you offer it at a very discounted rate. The trade off is you’re going to give it to them for super cheap, but they’re actually going to commit to the entire program. That way you get the feedback, get the information, and ultimately see someone get a result.

Focus on benefit and not the features

You need to be focusing on the benefit and outcome of the program and not the features of the program itself. A lot of coaches try to sell their program based on the features of the program – like email support, follow up sessions, etc. These are not what sells your program.

Yes, the features should be mentioned but they should not be the focus. We really need to talk about the outcome and the benefit that program is going to get that person. Because in the end they don’t really care what you do to get them there. They just want to know that you can get them the results they’re looking for.

Your business is about them, not you

Everything in your business as a coach is about the customer. Yes, you’re the face of your brand, but ultimately it’s about them and you really have to focus on them. You need to become very customer and client centric, which means that everything you do is focused on the person whom you are serving.

Serve first, sell second mentality

Everyone who books a call with you, isn’t necessarily going to be the right client for you. But when you’re blinded by your desperate vibes of making the sale, then you may sign a client who you shouldn’t sign. And when you do that, you waste that person’s time, your own time and you waste their money.

So you need to detach from the final outcome. The whole purpose of the call is to serve the client in the best possible way. Even if it means sending them somewhere else. This is how you sell without being salesy.

Future pace, both the positive and negative outcome

Future pacing is basically where you paint the picture of what their life will look after they complete your program. So this is very much connected and tied in with step number two, which is focused on benefit outcome. Some people are very in the moment they’re very impulsive. They just want to know right now that it can help them and they will buy. And some people make decisions off of what their future might look like if they say yes to program.

So I suggest write a story and paint the picture of what your ideal client’s life will look like in every aspect after they go through your program. Conversely, you also want to paint the picture of what their life will look like if they do not deal with this issue. Because when people don’t deal with these things, they don’t get better on their own.

Remember we’re selling transformation, we’re not tricking people, people sign up for your program and they do the work. Their life will change. And that’s amazing.

- Kendra
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