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Which is More Awkward? Selling on a Sales Call or Sales Page?

TWCK 157 | Sales Call

When should you use a sales call, and when should you use a sales page? Can you use both?

And what is the right way to execute them to attract the right people and not waste time? Listen to today’s episode as Kendra Perry answers some of your most important sales-related questions.

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Which is More Awkward? Selling on a Sales Call or Sales Page?

One day, I got this question on Instagram, “Kendra, which is better to sell for health coaches, a sales page or a sales call?” I love this question because it’s about sales, and I love talking about sales. Sales is my favorite thing in the world, which might be hard to believe considering the fact that I said sales five times, and your shoulders are getting tight coming in. You are turning into a ball. Your heart dropped into your crotch. Typically, when you are relatively new to online business or if you are not making a lot of sales in your business, sales cannot feel like a lot of fun.

I know that a lot of health practitioners avoid sales. You are afraid of sales and wish you didn’t have to do them. I understand that there’s all this tension and resistance that comes around sales. This will be a good episode for you to understand what’s going to work better for you, a sales page or a sales call. Now, the truth is, I don’t have a clear-cut answer for you as usual. I know that’s annoying because my answer is usually it depends but it does depend.

Both can be incredibly effective but they are not going to be effective for everything. The first thing that it depends on is the price of your offer because, for some price points, doing a sales call doesn’t make sense. For example, if you are selling a $200 session or a $200 course, then you do not need a sales call. A very common close rate for a sales call is about 25% to 30%, so you are going to have to talk to a lot of people on the phone, probably for free to sell that $200 offer.

TWCK 157 | Sales Call
Sales Call: If you’re selling a $200 course, you don’t need a sales call. The close rate for sales calls is around 25% to 30%, which requires you to talk to a lot of people.


For lower ticket offers, you don’t want to use a sales call. Now, what is the price point at which you are going to need a sales call versus not? Again, that depends. Typically, when you are relatively new and starting, you are probably going to need a sales to call for $1,000 and above. I don’t recommend doing a sales call for $1,000 and under but there are a lot of caveats with that.

You might notice that I am selling Health Coach Accelerator without a sales call, and it’s an offer of over $2,000. You can sell at higher price points off a sales page but what you need to be able to do this is to have strong messaging, which means that the message needs to be clear. The sales page needs to be well written. It needs to help the person understand everything they need to know, answer all their questions and make them feel like, “This offer is for me.”

If you have the right messaging or a lot of street cred, meaning that you’ve built a lot of authority in your space, in your niche, and you have raving fans who would literally buy like a turd from you. For example, Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo or James Wedmore, and some of these bigger entrepreneurs have big warm audiences. They have a huge group of raving fans, and those people will buy anything from them.

Messaging is important. They have so much street cred that they can sell at higher price points without using a sales call, so it depends on you. I find the line is typically around $1,500. Below $1,500, you don’t usually need a sales call. For over $1,500, you might need a sales call but again, there’s a lot of gray area with that as well.

I was speaking to an old coach of mine, and she was telling me that she was selling a $7,500 offer without a sales page, which is wild. That’s not typical, though, so I want to show you what’s possible. Now the other thing it depends on is the type of offer. The question is, “Is it important for you to qualify your clients?” Meaning that it is important for you to get the right person in the program. If you don’t want anyone coming into your program, then you are probably going to want to consider something like a sales call.

I find this can be critical for health and wellness because you can’t help everyone. You want to make sure that the people who come into your program align with your values. This can be important for programs that are more high-touch, meaning that there’s more intimacy. Maybe it’s a smaller group of people, and they pay a higher price point.

In that situation, you want to make sure the right people are in that group because who’s in the group can affect the energy and the vibe and the experience of the other clients. In that situation, it might be critical for you to use a sales call to get the right people into your program. With a high-ticket health program, for the most part, I would never not qualify someone because, as someone who was a health practitioner, people come to me for all kinds of things. I didn’t want anyone coming into my program.

This can also be important for one-on-one. If you are going to work with someone in a one-on-one container, you are spending an hour or two hours with them in a session every couple of weeks. That is intimate. You don’t want to be working with someone who’s going to drain your energy. You don’t want to be working with someone who’s not committed and not doing the work. In a situation like that, with a higher touch, higher ticket offer, a sales call might be the best place to sell.

When it comes to health practitioners, what I teach is selling a high-ticket program. That’s critical because I know my people are relatively new to the online world. They don’t have big followings and a budget for ads. When that’s the case, when you have a small following that’s not growing, and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on ads or any money at all, then the only way for you to make good money is to sell a high-ticket program because if you are selling something lower ticket, you need such a high frequency of buyers.

That’s not possible without ads or with a small audience. When it comes to selling high-ticket, I teach my Health Coach Accelerator students to use both. I like them to use both. Both a sales page and a sales call. The call to action on the sales page is the sales call. Why do we do this? A big reason why we do this is that sales calls are time intensive. They require your time. They require you to sit down with someone with your best energy and hold space for them.

There’s a big energetic exchange that happens with that. There’s also a time exchange that happens with that. We don’t want anyone getting on a sales call. That means you could be wasting a ton of your time. I will never forget that one week in my business. I believe it was maybe in my 2nd or 3rd year, I can’t remember but I remember looking at my schedule. I had twenty sales calls in the week in three days.

I was like, “That is a lot of sales calls,” but it was also very exciting because I was like, “I could get all these clients. I could be booking people four months out.” It turns out that over half of those people were the wrong people. They were just looking for free information, and that was clear. I even remember one woman. She got on and was like, “I thought you were a dude.” I was like, “Excuse me?” “I thought you were a dude.” I’m like, “I’m not a dude. What is happening?” She was like, “I need this and blah, blah, blah.” I was like, “I’m not working with this person.”

You don’t want those people to get on a sales call because they are taking time out of your schedule and energy out of your body. What the sales page can do is it can help pre-qualify people. The only way for them to get on a call with you is to go through the sales page. On the sales page, they can find everything they need to know. They can learn, “What is this program? Who does it help? What problem does it solve? What is the philosophy? What’s the approach? The FAQs are cool.” They can get all the information about your program and work with you before they get on the call. They are a much more informed perspective client.

When they get on the call, they are more informed. They know about your program. It means that you have to do less heavy lifting because when it comes to the point where you offer them your program, you can say, “I’m curious. How much do you know about Health Coach Accelerator? Do you want me to explain it and break it down in detail or do you already know about it?” If they’ve read your sales page over and over because some people will do that.

They like all the little details. They will read your sales page a million times and will be like, “I know all about Health Coaching Accelerator. I know that it’s a six-month program and you do coaching calls every two weeks. I know that you talk about niching, and you teach me how to build this amazing transformational program.”

They might do that, and you are like, “Great. I don’t need to go into it, then. Based on what you are telling me, you seem like you’d be a great fit for Health Coach Accelerator. Do you want to enroll?” The sales page helps you get the right people on the call because the wrong people will quickly see, “This person doesn’t help me with what I need help with. This is a six-month program, and I don’t feel like committing to that. I don’t resonate with this philosophy.”

TWCK 157 | Sales Call
Sales Call: A sales page helps you get the right people on your sales calls.


If you are an unlicensed practitioner, you say, “I don’t diagnose, treat or cure.” They are like, “I’m looking for a diagnosis.” You say that on your sales page because I had sales calls where people would come on and say, “I’m looking for you to diagnose my condition.” I’m like, “I’m unlicensed. I can’t do that.” The sales page acts as a pre-qualifier.

It helps you get the right person on the call so that you can have a higher close rate and you don’t waste as much of your time talking with people who are the wrong fit. Now, does that mean that you are going to get all the right people on a sales call? No. Absolutely not. There will always be people that sneak through, and not everyone is going to say yes. Remember that I said a good close rate is 25% to 30%? A lot of my students will get as high as 50% or 60%. I’ve seen as high as 90%.

I have a student, Bethany. She has been on the show. She’s maintaining a 90% close rate, which is fabulous and fantastic. That is not the norm, though. You typically get more noes than yeses, and that’s normal. You want to make sure you are not wasting your time with all of the wrong people. The truth is you can sell high tickets through a sales page alone but to do that. You need to have perfect messaging. You need to have good copywriting and a good funnel.

TWCK 157 | Sales Call
Sales Call: You can sell high tickets through sales pages alone. But for that to work, you must have perfect messaging, good copywriting, and a good funnel.


You also need to not care about who comes into your offer. You are fine. As long as they buy, they can get in, and that might not be appropriate for you, depending on the type of container you are working with. For example, if you are working with a one-on-one program, you are going to want to qualify them. If you have a high-touch group coaching program that maybe includes one-on-one, you are probably going to want to qualify them.

If you have a high-touch group coaching program that’s very intimate and small, you are probably going to want to qualify them. It depends. It is way harder to sell off a sales page alone, especially at higher ticket prices, versus having a sales call. What I will tell you is that now, I bought a $3,000 online course without a sales call, just through a sales page. I will tell you is this woman had the most amazing message I have ever seen. I was blown away and was like, “You need to teach me how to do that.” It 100% is possible but may not be appropriate for your offer.

You can sell through a sales call alone but my experience with that is that you will have to do a lot more sales calls because a lot of those people are not going to be the right fit. You don’t want your sales to call to be the only place that they get information about your program. You want to have a well-written sales page to qualify them.

The other way you can qualify them is because you don’t always need a sales call. I want to put that out there. Let me clarify that I’m telling you the most common things that I’ve seen but I’ve seen people do incredible things. Things that you wouldn’t typically think are possible. I want to not limit you but some people may not use a sales call but they might use an application. They might have the sales page, drive to an application, and then qualify them through DM or email.

That is definitely a possibility. Again, you do want to make sure the messaging and copywriting on your sales page are good. As always, there’s no straightforward, clear-cut answer. It depends but I hope this has helped you clarify whether you need a sales page or a sales call if you are someone who is interested in doing Health Coach Accelerator, which is my six-month online course in a group mentorship program, where I will teach you how to create an in-demand, highly profitable, transformational offer for your clients and sell it online without having to invest in paid ads.

We are open for enrollment. I would love to see you in the program. If you DM me, HCA on Instagram. My handle is @KendraPerryInc and let’s talk. I will give your business a little audit and see if you are a good fit for the program. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I love hanging out with you, as always. I will see you on the next episode, at the same time, in the same place where I help you become wealthy AF.


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