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TWCK Black Friday | Black Friday Training

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This is a quick episode. We’re not going to do any training or coaching. What I want to tell you about is the amazing Black Friday promos I have going on so that you don’t miss out because they’re only available until Monday at midnight. Number one, I am giving away three of my most popular trainings, the ones that deliver the most results and that students love the most, in what I’m calling My Health Boss Training Bundle. This bundle combines three of my programs: Niche like a Boss, Signature Program RX, and Rock Your Sales Calls.

Niche like a Boss is going to help you choose a niche that not only feels aligned but also feels incredibly profitable. If you are struggling to find clients online, if you don’t know what content to create, if you’re struggling in the beginning of your business, then you absolutely need this workshop. You need a niche if you’re going to be successful. Most health coaches do not niche properly. That is the reason why they are not seeing success in their business. This training is incredibly in depth and it is the last niche training you will ever need. You will have a niche that works by the end of this training. That’s number one.

Number two is Signature Program RX. This is the training that helps you build out your signature program. This is your primary coaching program that is going to transform your clients. It is the primary thing you are going to sell. It’s important to have something to sell that as attractive to our clients or our audience, but a lot of people don’t do this properly, and what they’re selling isn’t what their audience wants. Therefore, it is incredibly hard for them to sell it. We are going to build out a very transformational pro-coaching program within this course. We’re also going to name it and we are going to price it.

TWCK Black Friday | Black Friday Training
Black Friday Training: Most health coaches do not niche properly. That is the reason why they do not see success in their business.


The next course that you’re going to get inside this bundle is Rock Your Sales Calls. This is the training that will teach you how to sell a signature program on a sales call. A lot of people feel uncomfortable on sales calls. They’re lacking confidence. They don’t want to feel slimy or salesy. I don’t believe in being slimy or salesy either. I’m going to teach you my genuine, authentic and permission-based selling technique. We’re going to talk about how to position the call, how to execute the call. We’re going to talk about how to close the call and then address any objections that come up. I’m going to talk about reactive versus preventative objection addressing, which is going to help you with your content. It’s going to help you address objections before people even get on the call.

The script I’m giving you is the script that I have personally used. I’ve used it to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of sales. In fact, it is the exact script that I use to sell my mastermind, which was at a $10,000 price tag. This does work and that’s what you’re going to get inside Rock Your Sales Call. This is the bundle I’m giving you and you’re basically getting a 3 for 1 deal. Typically, all of these courses would cost you close to $500. I’m offering them for Black Friday for $147. You’re basically getting 70% off. You’re getting a 3 for 1 deal. Even if you’ve already taken one of these courses, the bundle is still 100% worth your time because you’re still going to be saving money. Make sure to take advantage of that because that deal is going to end Monday, November 3rd at midnight Pacific.

There is one more promo that I am offering for Black Friday and that is on my HTMA Expert Course. This is my Hair Tissue Analysis Training Program for practitioners. This is not something I talk about often. I don’t promote this on social, but I do teach a course that teaches health practitioners, coaches, doctors, dieticians, any health practitioner, how to interpret and clinically apply hair tissue mineral analysis. If you are fascinated by HTMA or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or maybe you have never heard of it, but you are thinking of adding lab testing into your program so that you can better understand what’s going on with your clients and have a tool to guide your protocols, then this course is for you.

This is the number one program in the industry. We’ve had 100 of students go through it. We have dozens and dozens of testimonials. This course is life-changing, not only for your own health but for the health of your clients. Students love HTMA Expert. I am offering an amazing promo. I’m offering $500 off. This is not a promo that I offer often. I’ve offered it in the past but it was about a year ago or more. I will probably not be offering this again. There’s a good chance that the cost of the program is going to go up. That will be $500 off. Keep in mind, Monday, November 30th at midnight Pacific these promos end and there are no exceptions. I hope you will take advantage of these. I love giving promos. It’s super fun. I hope you’re doing well. I hope you are getting some good deals for Black Friday. I will talk to you again soon.

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