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7 Steps to Creating a Content Plan with Hailey Dale

Right now is THE time to nail your content. Everyone is online – reading blogs, watching videos, and tuning into podcasts.

But does the idea of creating content scare the crap out of you? Maybe you don’t even know what content is?! (Hint – it’s more than just a blog post)

In today’s episode, we have Hailey Dale of Your Content Empire to discuss why content is important and how to create a content strategy.

From this episode, you’ll learn

  • how on earth to create content without being constantly online
  • 7 steps to creating a content strategy
  • quality over quantity is key to creating content
  • why you’re resisting creating content

Here are the seven steps that come with creating a monthly content plan:

1) Reflect and review on your past month’s content

This should be a qualitative review of what worked and what didn’t.

2) Choose a promo focus for the month

What is the one thing that you’re focused on selling or gaining an interest list so that you can sell to that interest list?

3) Take a look at your calendar

This needs to be both your business and personal calendars. Get realistic about what you can achieve – do you have a 2 week vacation coming up or a big launch? Be sure to schedule your content around these things.

4) Brainstorm those topics

Take that promotional topic from step 2 and make sure that all of your content that month relates back to the thing that you’re going to be selling. That way there’s a strategic alignment between the content you’re putting out there and what you’re eventually going to be inviting people to.

5) Nurture and engage new leads but also your current community

We’re attracting a new audience, but we’re also getting to use the same content to engage our existing community. That means that any sort of freebie you’re using for a lead magnet, should also be provided to your current community so they’re not left out in the dust.

6) Start with a free writing process

By the time you’ve fleshed out the research, and actually go and write it, you won’t be starting from scratch. This process is like a mind map where you put the topic, then write down the answers to two questions. What is the purpose for my reader? What is my purpose for this piece?

7) Just publish it!

Sometimes the hardest part of content creation is just pushing that button. So once it’s all done, just get it out into the world! And promote it. You should be dedicating at least the same amount of time it took to create the piece to promoting it.

It’s important to remember that you’re going to have to be a little patient with yourself and your content. It can take three to six months to really gain traction and discover what your momentum looks like. So there’s no better time than to start now!

Who is Hailey Dale

Hailey Dale, MA is a certified content strategist and founder of Your Content Empire, where she partners with small business owners who are over the shoulds and ready to build their content empires – their way. Through her programs, agency and award-winning, tell-all blog, she’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs create smarter content on a consistent basis that delights them and their customers while growing their bottom lines.

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