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Is Your Program Too Overwhelming For Your Clients?

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We all believe that whatever program and content we offer to people is good. That is why we exert effort, time, and money to create those. But how do we know if it is indeed good or bad? We have to pay attention to client feedback. Even if you think your program is an excellent one, you should always consider if it’s bringing you positive reviews. You will have the right information to adjust and perform the necessary changes through your client feedback, so your program will be more appealing to your clients.

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Is Your Program Too Overwhelming For Your Clients?

We are going to have a little bit of a shorter episode but I still think you are going to find it super valuable. This is taken from one of the Thursday group coaching calls that we have inside Health Coach Accelerator. To give you a bit of context, when you come into Health Coach Accelerator, we help you build your signature program, and you create different educational pillars, container, support, accountability, and all of those things. Within the program, each and every week, you can submit things that you are working on for My Eyes on Your Business Review from myself or Jess, who is our Coach inside Health Coach Accelerator. Students might submit their freebies, emails or content.

One of the submissions that we have been getting a ton is students wanting us to review their program pillars. How I teach programs, and I have talked about this in other episodes, is we always start by running a beta program for any new program. This is true for 101. I also do this for group pushing, courses, and memberships. I always think you should run a beta test or a trial version of your program to test it out and see how it lands with your clients. We have been getting a ton of programs for review. People or students want us to review their pillars.

The biggest question that we get is, “Do you think this information is too overwhelming? Do you think it is too much? Do you think it is not enough? Do you think it is the right amount of information? Do you think my clients will find this good?” We have been getting that question so much that I decided to address it and get a little bit of guidance in the Thursday calls. In this episode, this is me responding to that situation that I saw coming up in the group. It is in response to your beta program, “How do you tell if the content is too much, too little, too overwhelming or underwhelming for your client?” I hope you enjoy this episode.

I wanted to do some clarification on the program pillars because Jess and I are getting a lot of people submitting their program content and with the main questions being, “Is it good enough? Is it confusing? Will my client find this valuable? Will they find it overwhelming?” Those questions can’t be answered by Jess and me because we are not your ideal client.

The whole purpose of running a data program is to get those questions answered by the people who are consuming your program. I went over one now, and it was talking about things like leaky gut and paleo diet. I’m a health coach, and I’m super into this stuff. I studied a lot of this stuff too. When I look at that stuff, I’m like, “It all makes sense but I’m not your ideal client. I’m not a layperson. I have a lot of education in health and nutrition.”

It doesn’t matter if I think it is understandable, not confusing, or it is not overwhelming. My opinion means nothing to you because I’m not your ideal client. What matters is the opinion and feedback from your ideal client. Some basic guidelines around pillars, each pillar typically will be one educational session. Sometimes we put 2 pillars into 1. It depends but I do not know the exact number. I was reading the other day that people’s attention span for learning and education is somewhere in 21 minutes. Maybe a little bit less or a little bit more.

For that reason, I always say, “Your education should be more than 30.” Based on that number, it probably should be about 20 to 25 minutes. Time matters because we do not want to be talking to people because even if what you are saying is the most interesting thing in the world, their attention span is probably going to start to wane around that time point. The 20 to 25-minute mark is great. What will help you know that is to give it a read-through, time yourself like, “How long does this take me to say.”

TWCK 121 | Program
Program: What matters is the opinion and feedback from your ideal client.


To get the questions like, “Is this valuable? Will my ideal client understand this? Is this confusing? Is this overwhelming?” That needs to come from your client and beta clients. My opinion and Jess’s opinion are worthless in this case because what matters is them. For example, a certain group of people might see that content and be like, “I get that. That is awesome. I want to learn more.” A different type of client might be like, “What the actual f*** was that?”

Know that when you put your beta program out there, it is not perfect, and it is not supposed to be perfect. What Health Coach Accelerator looks like now versus when I started the program in 2020 or 2019, there are similarities but it is much better. The way that I have made it better is not through my intelligent brain. It is through you guys, the students. When I see you getting caught up on certain things, I’m like, “They are confused on that. I need to think of a more creative way to talk about that, drive that point home, and make it more understandable.”

The way that I have been able to make this program what it is now is based on all the feedback from the people. The first program you put out there will probably confuse them, it will feel overwhelming or maybe it won’t have enough information, and that is okay. That is the point of having a transparent beta program. This is a beta. I’m not pretending that this amazing program that has been established for years and has gotten hundreds of people results. I’m like, “This is a beta, and there is a value exchange.”

If you get the cheaper price point, you get more access to me in exchange for your honest feedback on the program. Be honest, be blunt. Tell me when things aren’t clicking. It is this co-creation process, and that is such a beautiful thing. When we co-create with our clients, students, members, whoever, that is when we do create a program that is incredibly transformational and is incredibly impactful to your people. It is that listening and learning process.

TWCK 121 | Program
Program: Know that when you put your beta program out there, it is not perfect, and it’s not supposed to be perfect.


As an example, when I was health coaching, I worked with a nerdy type of client. They were people who were far along in their help journey. Usually, when people came to me, they were already doing meditation and mindfulness. They were eating whole foods. They had done a lot of research on health. They were knowledgeable and stuck.

What I talked about nerdy things, they were into it. It was awesome. They were like, “Tell me more. That is fascinating.” They loved it. They ate it up. That wouldn’t work for a different type of client like someone who was earlier on in their journey. That would have been like, “What are you talking about?” As you work with clients over time, we are always updating our program, and it’s your client who should answer those questions for you.

Honestly, even if you are more established like Carrie, it is still useful to get feedback from your students. I’m going to be adding in some surveys at the end of each module. I can continue to get feedback from all of you guys. When I go to do course updates, it works well for me to be paying attention in the group and seeing the questions that are getting submitted for review and all these calls that do help me be updated but even putting the feedback surveys in.

Even with an established program, after every session, sending out a survey and saying, “What did you think about our last session? Did you get what you needed? Was something confusing? Do you wish I had elaborated? Is there a way that I could better support you?” We always want to be in the process of that, even when we are established.

TWCK 121 | Program
Program: There’s always going to be room for improvement, just like you are ever-evolving as a coach and a business owner.


The beta is the primary information-gathering phase. We are testing the content and the program. It is not only the content that we are testing. It is also the container. This is a type of support work. The way I’m holding people accountable, is that working for people? We are testing everything. We are improving and optimizing that over time.

In terms of the program content, you shouldn’t care about what Jess and I think about your program content because we are not the people who are learning it. The best person to answer that question is always going to be your beta clients. Once you get through beta and you are charging full price, you are constantly still going to be updating it. It is amazing how your clients will make you a better coach and teacher because it is them getting stuck or them feeling overwhelmed or confused by your program that makes you get more creative.

This is that problem solver avatar. The person who is the neutral problem-solver like, “My clients are overwhelmed with this. That is a problem. How can I solve this problem? How can I make this better? How can I make it easier to implement? How can I make it easier to understand whatever that is? Is this landing?” Let me know, guys, in the comments.

Sal says, “I’m not in beta, but I tested pillar one with current clients. It got the results but some people needed 2 sessions, and some needed 1 session together to get the content.” Some people need one session. Some people need two. Maybe it is just that you needed a longer session. Let’s say you have an hour session, maybe you need a 75-minute session.

Melanie says, “That is landing.” We want to know that our program is never meant to be perfect. The Health Coach Accelerator is still not perfect. I do not think it will ever be perfect. There is always going to be room for improvement, and like you are ever-evolving as a coach and a business owner like I’m ever-evolving too. As I learn new things, get new insights into my personal life, and through the continuing education that I do, I will always be updating this program. I hope that helps.

I hope you enjoyed that little clip from our Thursday coaching call inside Health Coach Accelerator. Speaking of Health Coach Accelerator, I want to tell you a little bit about the program. If you are a new coach, you finished your certification program, and you were like, “I have no idea what to do.” Maybe you are a little bit more seasoned but you are not getting the results that you want.

What we do inside the Health Coach accelerator is help you develop your sales and marketing strategy and help you set up systems in your business so you can create more time and more freedom. Everything we do inside Health Coach Accelerator is 100% organic, meaning that I teach you free sales and marketing strategies versus using paid advertising or having to invest in a technical, over-the-top website.

What we do is I will help you define your clear, concise, and profitable niche. I will help you develop your marketing message. We will help you build that personal brand identity that truly makes you stand out among all of the competition. We dive into the mindset stuff. We talk about Imposter syndrome, fear, perfectionism analysis, and paralysis. We help you work through and release some of those blocks. I help you develop your signature coaching program, teach you how to market it using social media, email marketing, and how to gain more visibility online so that people come across you wherever they go.

By the end of this 90-day program and group mentorship program, you will have that entire strategy built and ready to launch. Depending on where you are at in your business, you might already be bringing in clients while still in the program or if you are new, you might be ready to launch and start acquiring clients at the end of the program.

When you sign up, you get access to the 90-day course material and lifetime access. You never lose access but you will also get 90 days of access to live support. That is where you can hop on these Thursday group coaching calls that I did in this episode. You also get weekly My Eyes on Your Business Audit.

Myself or Jess, we will look at whatever you are submitting, whether it is your freebie, a piece of content or your niche statement. We will give you a full review, plus we have the Facebook group, and we do a monthly guided breathwork call every single month to work through some of the blocks that come up as you build your business. If you are interested in the Health Coach Accelerator, the best place to get started is with my free masterclass, and that is How to Enroll 1-3 New Clients Every Week into Your Health Coaching Business.

In this masterclass, I go through the entire framework that I teach inside Health Coach Accelerator. I will give you some actionable tips, plus a cheat sheet that will show you exactly how to implement this strategy even if you do not sign up for Health Coach Accelerator. If you are interested in HCA, I will go over the program in detail at the end of that training. If you want to hop on that training, it is on-demand, head to Once you land on that page, you will see the link for the masterclass. I hope you enjoyed this episode, and I will see you next time. Same time, the same place where I help you become wealthy AF.


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