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TWCK 150 | Planning

Plan Out Your Most Successful Year!

With the year nearing its end, it’s time to start planning for the next one coming in. In this episode, Kendra Perry shares with you practical advice on how to plan out your most successful year in business. Managing your

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TWCK 148 | Niching

A Cautionary Tale About Niching

COVID happened last 2020 and caused a massive push for people to go online. Going online with your business has become successful even without a niche, but what comes after? Kendra Perry shares a cautionary tale about niching. Why is

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TWCK 147 | Increasing Webinar Audience

Get More People To Show Up To Your Webinar

Everyone loves a good webinar. But how can we ensure that everyone – or even just someone- will actually show up to the webinar? For today’s episode, Kendra Perry shares five ways to market your webinar to your target audience and get

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TWCK 146 | Editorial Calendar

The Power Of An Editorial Calendar With Lacy Boggs

Copywriting is an excellent skill that we know a lot of people possess. But sometimes, even the best copywriters still experience the ever-catastrophic “writer’s block”- where the mind just can’t come up with creative written content, no matter the experience

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TWCK 145 | Pep Talk

Pep Talk: Why You Need To Keep Going

Being an entrepreneur takes sacrifice. You’re going to live the first few years struggling. You won’t have time for friends, family, or for yourself. That’s how it is because you need time to build your business. But once those few

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