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TWCK 114 | Closing Sales Calls

How Bethany Closed 5/6 Sales Calls

Today I am super excited to invite one of my Health Coach Accelerator students onto the show. Today we are speaking with Bethany O’Toole who joined HCA in the fall on 2021. She was brand new to health coaching and

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TWCK 113 | Program Tiers

How Many Program Tiers Do You Need?

Are you a couple of years into your business, but you’re not seeing the money you deserve in your bank account? In this episode, Kendra reveals what you need to do to maximize your program tiers and reach your six-figure

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TWCK 112 | Landing Page

A Website Versus A Landing Page

A website or a landing page? Which one should you invest in? In this episode, Kendra Perry discusses the difference between a website and a landing page to help you decide which avenue is best for your business. She goes

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TWCK 111 | Ask Questions Later

Do First. Ask Questions Later.

Do first, ask questions later. For entrepreneurs, this means shaking free of analysis paralysis and getting ready to act. Kendra Perry flies solo to discuss why coaches need to be ready to act and not bog themselves down with questions.

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TWCK 110 | Content

Create 4 Weeks Of Content In 2 Days

Creating engaging content is all about consistency. Join your host Kendra Perry as she shares her content strategy called batching. It is making all the content for the month in just two days. In this episode, she explains her routine

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TWCK 109 | Health Boss

Secrets Of A High Performing Health Boss

How do you become a high-performing health boss and entrepreneur? What secrets can we learn from these people? Kendra Perry dives deep into what it takes to be a health coach and entrepreneur as she is interviewed by Diana Popa

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