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Want to Transform Your Business & Your Clients?

Get trained in Functional Lab Interpretation by a Practitioner who has analyzed thousands of lab tests and trained hundreds of Practitioners. 

It doesn't matter how deep your knowledge of health or how well you did in school. Without proper lab testing, you are basically guessing at what's wrong with your clients. 

The Result?

Clients who don't get better. They feel frustrated, hopeless and ultimately, they search elsewhere for support.

I have HUNDREDS OF CLIENTS who contact me after their health practitioner or Doctor was either unable to help them or mistreated them altogether. 

Don't be this practitioner. Be the practitioner who is knowledgable and confident in functional lab interpretation. Be the practitioners who has the tools he/she needs to get to the bottom of your clients' more stubborn health complaints.

Up Your Game With Functional Lab Interpretation!

I offer training consultations on the following lab tests & protocols:

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    Diagnostic Solutions Lab GI-MAP Stool Testing
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    DUTCH Hormones Testing
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    Heavy Metals Testing (Hair, Urine & Stool)
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    Hair Mineral Analysis Testing
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    Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth Testing 
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    Comprehensive Thyroid Testing
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     Functional Blood Chemistry

What Does a Practitioner Training Consult look like?

During this call we can cover any of the following at your request:

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    Help with your client test results and client cases
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    Education of whatever lab test you wish to learn about (options listed above)
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    Hormones, gut, detox, heavy metal and mineral protocols 
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    Business & Marketing advice


Practitioner Mentoring Rate: $160 per hour

***30-minute sessions available after initial mentoring call

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