This package is best for the person who wants to get their feet wet with functional lab testing. 

You know your hormones are out of whack and you are ready to see real results.

You may be suffering from mood swings, PMS or thyroid dysfunction.

You are ready to run labs that actually give you information that you can work with.

You need support but are also very self-motivated. You can take things are run with them.


This package is best for the person wants to go deep.

You want all the information and are ready to make a serious investment in your health.

You don't want to mess around. You want to run the four most critical lab tests.

You are likely suffering from PCOS, endometriosis, hypothyroid, obesity or estrogen dominance.

You want lots of support, lots of accountability and more follow-up consults.


I signed up to work with Kendra after hearing her speak at a lecture on female hormones. I was struggling with fatigue and mood swings and feeling frustrated. After 5 sessions with Kendra over the course of a couple months, I’ve learned how to make healthier lifestyle choices to improve my energy levels and stabilize my mood. Because we met every few weeks, it held me more accountable to the work she was doing with me. It has been a fantastic experience working with Kendra.

Kristy Fode - NELSON, CANADA

Choosing to work with Kendra was life-changing. I was feeling bloated, exhausted and I was allergic to so many foods. Kendra helped me see the connection between the foods I was eating and how I was feeling. We also ran some labs and were able to uncover some gut infections and hormone imbalances. Following her recommendations, I now feel more energized, less bloated and more balanced in general. I just recently got pregnant for the second time and have noticed how much better I feel than I did during my first pregnancy. It is no doubt thanks to Kendra. Thank you!

Jennifer Lofto - DAWSON'S CREE / CANADA

Since I started teaching a few years ago I have really struggled to feel well. By the time I got home from work I was totally exhausted. I barely had enough energy to function. On top of that, my hormones have been off my whole life. Despite changing my diet and reducing stress I still had such a hard time feeling good every day of the month. Working with Kendra has helped me see so many improvements in my day to day health. I now have energy at the end of the day to spend time with my fiancé and cook myself a healthy meal. In the beginning I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning and would sleep until noon on the weekends. These days I have more energy in the morning and wake earlier on weekends. I have also lost 15lbs, and people have noticed and are telling me that I look great. I feel like now I have answers to why I was feeling so sick, and I have tools and knowledge to address the issues I was having. Kendra was also able to recommend a good practitioner for helping me deal with my painful neck inflammation which has helped tremendously. I feel so much better now and I am very grateful that I decided to work with her. I would recommend working with Kendra to anyone.


"I have been following Hormone Power for the past few weeks and I am already noticing some positive changes. My energy is higher and getting up in the morning has been so much easier and I find myself hitting the snooze button less. I now feel motivated to get up and do yoga. Kendra is super knowledgeable and I have learned so much!"

Meghan Flesch


"I only started working with Kendra a few months ago and I already notice a difference in how I feel. When I first met Kendra I felt anxious and fearful of my health. I was struggling with acne and I felt I had tried nearly everything. Kendra helped me see some of the hidden imbalances in my body with the testing we did and recommended a very specific plan to fix it. Even though I still have lots of progress to make and my skin is still not clear, I feel much calmer. I feel hopeful and I feel confident that I can get my health under control and feel my best in the near future. Kendra is so knowledgeable and compassionate. I am so grateful that my path has lead to her"

Stephanie Romero - MILTON, VERMONT

"I began working with Kendra as a trainee for the functional diagnostic nutrition course. She was my mentor and training under her was amazing since Kendra has a very deep level of knowledge in functional health. Now that | am a practitioner, | continue to work with Kendra who is now my guide, teacher and support for my personal health journey. Even after doing so much work on my gut health and hormones, my energy levels were still in the toilet. As a competitive Kettle Bell athlete, my health was preventing my from reaching my athletic goals. Kendra has helped me uncover so many issues in my body including copper toxicity, mineral imbalances, estrogen issues and gut infections. With her help, | have been able to fix many of these and rise to the top of my sport. | am now a Kettle Bell Word Champion!!!! Thanks

Lisa Pitel-Killah - Ontario / Canada

"I recently took part in Balancing my Hormones with Kendra Perry. When I first started the program I was recently quitting birth control for the first time probably 10-12 years! At 30, it was a bit terrifying to start messing with hormones, the fear of acne and teenage breakouts that I struggled with to the point of needing low dose prescription antibiotics for as a young teenager. The thought of pizza face was absolutely horrifying never mind the cramps, and monthly cycle from hell! I figured it was the perfect time to try and work with my body and balance my hormones the best I could with Kendra’s help. There is so much knowledgeable information that never would’ve crossed my kind as being things that I did or do daily interfering with my body. From cosmetics, to certain foods, and the containers / packaging the food was in prior to consuming!! Being a person who eats fairly to good (clean eating / organic) I still learned a ton from her and very small changes I truly believe have helped me during this transitional time in my life. Considering babies one day, she touched base many things to be cautions of that I could be lacking, or over consuming, exercise (too much, not enough, and maybe even how the intensity is messing with hormones), daily mediation, taking “Me”time, and saying NO! All things I struggle with. It felt good to hear someone else suffering from many similar inner struggles. I have so many friends that have had babies or quit or started birth control and are now struggling with an extra 5-30lbs!! I would highly recommend this program from Kendra to not only those friends but even the ones who aren’t. I believe many if not all women would benefit from Kendra’s course! "

Nikita Popoff - NELSON, CANADA


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