Health Coach Audit - Kendra Perry

You are have been in business for 6 months to a couple of years and you feel a bit stuck...

You got your website set up. You are utilizing social media, maybe have even attempted some video marketing....BUT...

You aren't getting any traction and you are still aren't generating enough $$$ in your business to quit your side hustle or go full time in your biz.

You are a highly motivated individual. You are ready to take action but feel you need just a little direction.

You are comfortable with the tech side of business (or you at least aren't intimidated and you are willing to learn)

You WANT an expert's eyes on your business

You WANT some sound advice to help you feel more clarity and more direction

You WANT to know WHY your efforts aren't bringing the results you expected.


You WANT a strategy to implement and follow from someone who has successful built a 6-figure health coaching business.

You WANT my guidance and tough love to tell you exactly what you need to do to see success and make more $$$

The Health Coach Business Audit Gets My Eyes on Every Inch of your Biz

I'll audit your social media channels and tell you why they aren't brining you in consistent leads and clients.

I'll review your lead magnet, landing page and email welcome sequence and help you optimize to attract your ideal client.

I'll check out your website and tell you exactly what needs to be changed in order to start seeing results in your business.

I'll create a written report that details what needs to be fixed and exactly how to fix it.

Then we will meet and develop a targeted marketing strategy; guaranteed to captivate your ideal clients and turn them into paying customers


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