Health Coach Accelerator - Kendra Perry


You are new to the online business world and you're keen to start making consistent $$$ in your biz

You thought it would be easy! Set up shop and start helping clients. Crap yes!

But your efforts to try to bring in consistent clients are falling flat. Sure, you get a few here and there but not even close to enough to quit your full-time job or side-hustle

You spend hours creating content that is met with crickets when posting on social media. Is anyone even out there?! Heeeellllllooooo?!?!

You WANT a full-time health coaching business.

You WANT to quit your side-hustle.

You WANT to impact people and teach them how to transform their lives.

You WANT financial freedom.

You HAVE the passion. You are just missing the know-how.

Imagine if...

You could make 10K+ per month, by doing what you LOVE, serving others + having financial freedom.

You were able to attract high-paying clients who are STOKED and ready to commit to turning their health around.

You knew how to communicate your value & expertise to your ideal client and get paid good coin without imposter syndrome.

You were able to help dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people get unbelievable results, and have testimonials pouring in from clients.

You could do ALL OF THIS while maintaining a healthy, comfortable and adventurous lifestyle.  


You were able to create compelling content that SELLS and attracts people to actually buy from you.

You were able to sell your services, course or program with 100% confidence and genuity, without feeling slimey or "salesy"

You could FINALLY stop procrastinating and actually get SHIT DONE.

You had the exact model and templates from a mentor who has actually been a health coach and built a 6-figure business in less than 3 years.  


Health Coach Accelerator is your solution to have all of this plus more...

Get my 6-Step process to create a minimalist business that not only brings in 10K+/month but allows you to build your own life.

What's my 6-step process?

1) Define your ideal client  - know who you are actually talking to to simply your marketing message and content creation.

2) Signature Program Creation - nail down what you offer and what to charge. 

3) System Implementation - stop re-inventing the wheel and spend less time on admin/customer service/data entry.

4) Build Your Community - learn how to build trust, human connection and how to be a leader online.

5) Sales Domination - Become a master at selling and closing your discovery calls.

6) Mindset Mastery - Stop sabotaging, let go of limiting beliefs and stop repelling money!

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