Health Coach Accelerator Functional Lab Add-on - Kendra Perry


You are an up and coming Health Coach who is sick of guessing and wants to start using testing to improve your client outcomes....

You thought it would be easy to help get your clients results BUT you are starting to see that for many, diet and lifestyle simply ISN'T ENOUGH.

You got into this industry to HELP people. You care so much. 

You give helpful recommendations and strategies to your clients yet some of them fail to see results. 

Your clients are following your suggestions to a tee yet they STILL have chronic symptoms that just won't budge. 

You you know there is more to the story but your nutrition school gave you zero lab training. 

You feel daunted at the thought of going back to school to spend more time and more money to acquire these skills.

Imagine if...

You could skip school and the long hours of studying.

You could take an accelerated learning path with zero fluff and zero bullshit.

You could acquire the skills and systems of an expert for less time and less money than going back to school. 

You could get the exact templates and systems to interpret lab results and implement protocols that work. 


You felt 100% confident when looking at your client's blood chemistry results.

You could learn the DUTCH test, the GI-MAP, SIBO testing, Heavy Metals and Hair Mineral Analysis in less than 3-months.

You could could have support from an experienced expert to go over your client cases and keep you on track.

You had the exact model and templates from a mentor who has not only spent 5-years working with clients but has trained hundreds of health professionals in lab interpretation techniques.


Health Coach Accelerator is your solution to have all of this plus more...


This is for the coach who is comfortable with online marketing  but wants to skip school and take the fast-track to working with Functional Labs. I'll teach you EVERYTHING I know and give you all my templates. 

2 and 4 payments plans available

  • Detailed education in Functional Lab Interpretation
  • check
    7-hours of training in Functional Labs
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis training
  • Heavy Metals testing training
  • check
    Diagnostic Solutions Lab GI-MAP training
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth training
  • DUTCH Hormones training
  • check
    Blood Chemistry training
  • check
    3-hours of Case Study support (help with your client cases)
  • check
    Lab Interpretation guides & templates
  • check
    Health history & liability contract templates
  • check
    Supplement and protocol templates
  • check
    Help with setting up lab accounts
  • check
    Unlimited Voxer support for 3-months
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    Save 10% to add-on to Business Package

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