5 Powerful Supplements for Endometriosis

This week I am still sticking with the theme of Endometriosis. If you aren’t sure what this is, please check out my recent article on this topic. If you have Endometriosis and are wondering where to start, read last week’s article where I discussed 5 important food strategies to help with this condition.


This week is all about supplements. Remember, if you don’t have the basics in place (ie. diet & lifestyle) then supplements are going to do little to help. They offer support and can help stimulate certain pathways in the body but if you eat junk, don’t sleep or exercise and are overwhelmed by stress, then don’t waste your money on supplements.


Start with the basics and come back to this article when those things are in place.


Diindolylmethane (DIM)


In the previous article I discussed cruciferous vegetable and how they contain a compound that is extremely effective at detoxing estrogen out of the body. DIM is the compound I was referring to.

fresh , ripe cabbage isolated on white background.


I have found DIM to be one of the most powerful supplements for reducing excess estrogen. It is extremely effective, so this should only be used if you have been tested and know your estrogen levels are too high.


Not only does DIM lower estrogen overall but it also shifts estrogen metabolism to healthy pathways that protect you from estrogen dominant cancers.


Some people will recommend using Indol-3-Carbinol (I3C) instead of DIM. I3C is the precursor for DIM and in theory can be metabolized to DIM to have a similar effect. In my experience I3C is not nearly as effective as DIM and I don’t recommend it unless you cannot tolerate DIM.


My favorite products are Designs for Health DIM-Avail and Pure Encapsulations DIM Detox




Curcumin comes from Turmeric. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Taking curcumin can help with some of the inflammation and painful side effects of endometriosis.

Turmeric and turmeric powder


Curcumin has been found effective at reducing prostaglandins which promote inflammation.


In this study, researchers found that curcumin inhibited the growth of endometrial cells by lowering the production of Estradiol (the body’s most potent estrogen). This study was done in vitro so the results may be limited.


Curcumin is also powerful at detoxifying the liver. This is important as the liver is responsible for clearing excess hormones from the blood. Too much estrogen can be a result of poor liver clearance, resulting in excess estrogen floating around the blood.




N-Acetyl-Cysteine is a precursor for glutathione. Glutathione is your body’s most powerful anti-oxidant and detoxifier. It is needed to keep the liver free of toxins and reduce damage from free radical production.


Taken directly, glutathione is poorly absorbed but we can work with glutathione precursors to boost glutathione levels. NAC is a fantastic for boosting liver health and detoxification. Since estrogen dominance is tied to poor liver function, NAC is a good place to start.


Calcium D-Glucarate


This is a very powerful supplement for any women with Endometriosis or estrogen dominance. As discussed in my previous article, harmful gut bacteria can produce a lot of the enzyme Beta-Glucuronidase which can break the bond between excreted estrogen and glucuronic acid (the way in which estrogen in moved out of the body), thereby re-activating the excreted hormone and sending it back into circulation.


Calcium D-Glucarate helps keep estrogen bound to glucuronic acid so that it can be easily excreted from the body.


Digestive Enzymes with Ox Bile


After the liver detoxifies hormones, it dumps them into the bile so they can be excreted from the body. If a woman has bile insufficiency then detoxification is impaired and estrogen is left to recirculate around the body.


bilePoor bile production can also make it difficult to detoxify other types of toxins, especially those that contain xenoestrogens. This can lead to even higher levels of estrogen in the body.


A sign that you may have a bile deficiency is the inability to digest fat. If eating a fat meal makes you feel bloated or nauseous than you can benefit from taking a digestive enzyme with ox bile.


If you have had your gallbladder removed, you are likely struggling with bile production as well. My favorite product is Thorne Research Bio-Gest.




If you would like to be hooked up with an account to order any of the supplements I discussed in this article, please sent me an email at kendra@kendraperry.net

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farah - March 2, 2018

Can we take DIM and NAC at the same time?
I have pcos and I want to stop taking birth control pill but I want my body prepare. I already stop and 2 month after my acne was crazy.
I’m taking evening primrose oil and prebiotic for now.
Thanks 🙂

    Kendra Perry - March 2, 2018

    There is nothing wrong with taking DIM and NAC at the same time. DIM will lower your estrogen and NAC will support liver and detox function. I would also consider taking something to address elevated testosterone levels which is very common with PCOS.

Cheryl Hollinger - December 11, 2018

I have had endo for 30 years – had over a dozen surgeries including TAH BSO in ‘93. I continued to have daily endo pain up until the past 4 years or so when the pain reduced significantly but did not go away. I had stage 3 multifocal DCIS in 2016 and following that I developed very bad hormonal acne. Nothing helped until I took a regime of DIM, (Estrosense by Womensense), Kuggulsterol, and zinc. My skin is clear but for the past month I have had very bad pelvic pain every day – it is the endo pain I am familiar with. Do you think the supplements have caused this? Thanks

    Kendra Perry - December 11, 2018

    Hey Cheryl,

    It is very unlikely that the supplements caused this. It’s more likely the estrogen issues that you clearly have. Unfortunately, these supplements can help manage it but don’t address the underlying dysfunctions. It sounds like you need to do some gut and mineral testing as mineral issues along with gut issues will drive the estrogen issues that cause the acne and the endo pain. Unfortunately, surgery is not a fix for this either. I would like to support you, if you are up for it. The best way to do this is to join my HIGH on Energy Group Membership program. It’s a low price point and it gives you access to my support, plus a bad-ass community of women and you can upgrade and purchase the testing I recommend (so I can customize a protocol for you). Go here if you want more info: https://bit.ly/2OZ4kxQ or reach out to my team support@kendraperry.net


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