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Finally Heal Your Hormones the Right Way

It doesn't matter how fantastic your life is. When you your hormones are a mess you struggle to feel like a normal human. PMS, pesky pounds, fatigue, mood swings, the list goes on. Start here to get your hormones back on track.

Comprehensive hormone testing

Complete gastrointestinal panel

Full Mineral & Toxic Metals Panel

Lab-guided diet, lifestyle & supplement protocol, designed specifically for you

75 minute intake session

3 test result consultations

1 x 30 minute follow-up consultation

Alive Handbook

Analysis of Your Medical History

It's important for me to form a detailed picture of your medical history. I provide you with detailed intake forms to complete before our first session together. This allows me to know which questions to ask you and what recommendations to start you on.

75 minute intake session

Detailed look at your medical history

Consideration of your past test results

Close attention to detail

Dietary recommendations to get you started

Precisicion Analytical Hormone Test

Currently I use the Precision Analytical dried urine test for comprehensive hormone testing. This is currently the best test on the market for hormones. It tests for all the main hormones plus their metabolites

Easy at-home collection

Ships to any location

DHEA, testosterone & their metabolites

Estrone, estradiol, estriol & their metabolites


Diagnostics Solutions Lab GI-MAP

Currently I run a GI panel on all my clients. Why? Because the gut is the way your body digests, absorbs and assimilates nutrients. Poor gut function almost always leads to fatigue, brain fog and poor health.

Easy at-home collection

Ships to North American & Europe

Cutting edge technology for accurate results

Pathogen detection

Virus detection

Friendly flora markers

Enzyme production marker

Inflammation marker

Immune system marker

Gluten intolerance marker

Test Results Consultations

During these 2-3 separate appointments, I will explain your results in detail. My focus is education so that you understand your results and know what they mean.

2 x 60 minute consultations to go over your results

Focus on education

Connecting your symptoms to your results

Interpretation written up in a document for you

Customized Alive Program

Based on your intake consultation and lab results, I design a protocol specifically for you and your needs. Recommendations will include diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

Customized protocol

Created in a PDF file and emailed to your inbox

Diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplement recommendations

Follow-Up to Keep You on Track

A lot of things can often come up on lab tests. It is important for me to follow-up with you regularly to keep you on track and to make any necessary adjustments.

Follow-up accountability

30 minute follow-up session

Ability to make tweaks and adjustments to your protocol

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