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The Complete Program for Any Hormone Imbalance

Not everyone is self-directed. That's ok! The all-inclusive includes everything that the Jump Start does but adds on unlimited support and accountability to keep you on track

75 minute intake session

3 test results sessions

Lab-guided Complete Alive Program, designed specifically for you

4 hours of follow-up consultations

Unlimited Email Support

Weekly check-ins, to keep you accountable

20% off practitioner level supplements

Detailed Medical History

It is important for me to get a very detailed picture of your current symptoms and medical history. In this 75 minute one-on-one session, I will go through all your intake forms and any lab testing done within the past 3 months

75 minute intake consultation

Extensive intake forms

Detailed look at your medical history

Consideration of your past test results

Dietary recommendations to get you started

Diagnostics Solutions Lab GI-Map

Currently I run a GI panel on all clients. Why? Because the gut is a huge source of stress, inflammation and dysfunction which all have a massive effect on every single system in your body, including your energy system

Easy at-home collection

Ships to North America, Europe & some other international locations

Cutting edge technology for accurate results

Pathogen detection

Virus detection

Friendly gut flora markers

Digestive enzyme marker

Inflammation marker

Immune system marker

Gluten intolerance marker

Minerals & Toxic Metals

Minerals are incredibly important. They are the spark plugs of the body and poor mineral balance always equals poor health. Additionally, toxic metals are rampant in our environment. If you are chronically fatigued, you are toxic. No exceptions.

Collection as easy as snipping of a little hair

Easily shipped from any country in the world

Identifies mineral levels, mineral patters and heavy metal toxicity

Helps customize a mineral program and dietary recommendations

3 Separate Consultations for Your Test Results

During this these appointments I will explain your results in detail. My focus is education so that you understand your results and what they mean.

2 x 60 minute consultations for your results

Focus on education so you understand your results

Connecting your symptoms to your results

Lab interpretation and protocol formatted into a document and sent to you

Customized Alive Program

Based on these three very important tests, I can gather specific information and create a step-by-step wellness program that eliminates fatigue, brain fog, hormonal issues, gut problems and any health condition that is preventing you from performing at your best.

Customized protocol

Created in a PDF file and emailed to your inbox

Recommendartions include: diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction & supplements

Follow-Ups to Keep You on Track

A lot of things can often come up on lab tests. It is important for me to follow-up with your regularly to keep you on track and to make any necessary adjustments.

Follow-up accountability

4 hours of follow-ups

Pre-booked consultations every 2-3 weeks

Ability to make tweaks and adjustments to your protocol and to re-test

Ongoing Email Support With Me

As you complete the program you will have unlimited access to email me with questions, comments of concerns

Email support for entire program

Response within 48 hours

Weekly check-ins for 3 months

Option to submit weekly food journals

Opportunity to extend support & accountability beyond program

To Learn More Please Schedule a Free 30 Minute Call With Me